Cloud Based Multi-Lane Analytics

Cloud Based Multi Lane AnalyticsImprovements in video analytics has led to their increasing use in highway traffic analysis, planning and control. However, due to the compute intensive nature of video analytics and the unique data requirements derived from the number of application specific algorithms, it is impractical to collocate the analytics processing engines near the traffic.

Instead, a solution that captures, records and provides the required footage to cloud based computer vision servers is viewed to be ideal. This application demonstrates Advanced Micro Peripherals products serving video footage on demand. Analytics engines access the cloud based video providing traffic engineers with relevant data for their traffic studies reducing congestion and vehicular pollution.

System Details

Cloud Based Multi Lane Analytics System Details

An AMP AVC8000nano is used to capture video from 8 gantry mounted cameras as part of a highway traffic monitoring system. The AVC8000nano is installed in a host CPU with an available miniPCIe slot. Frames are captured and uploaded over the internet via 4G wireless modem or wired router.

Frames are accessed and analyzed in the cloud by servers running specialized vision processing algorithms, custom tailored to the intended outcome. Some common applications include congestion management, law enforcement and traffic capacity studies.

  • On demand capture of video or still images
  • Scheduled video capture for congestion analysis, tolling efficiency etc.
  • 8x Live NTSC/PAL/RS-170 video inputs
  • Efficient PCI DMA cycle operation
  • Windows DirectShow/DirectDraw Support
  • Video4Linux Support
  • Mini PCI Express form factor for extremely small footprint

Products Used


8x D1 Video Frame Grabber for mini PCI Express
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