CompactPCI Serial

CompactPCI Serial

CompactPCI Serial Specification

As PCI bus technology has moved from a parallel interface to fast serial point-to-point interconnects, the parallel CompactPCI specification PICMG 2.0 was significantly extended and enhanced by the newer CompactPCI Serial standard, PICMG CPCI-S.0. This versatility combined with the wide availability of chips, hardware, and software created for the commercial market makes CompactPCI Serial the fastest, most versatile, lowest cost modular high-performance open standard for embedded computing on the market today.

Using the proven 19″ mechanics of the IEC 1101 family, proven with CompactPCI and VME, the standard introduces a new rugged additional connector with a signal density of up to 184 pin pairs (on 3U) and transmission frequencies of 12 Gb/s.

A standard configuration of one system slot and up to eight peripheral slots does not need switches and bridges.

With CompactPCI Serial ( cPCI-S ), the CompactPCI architecture moves to serial high-speed interconnects, and more data can be transferred at higher speeds using PCI Express. Additional high-speed interfaces, including Ethernet, SATA, and USB are supported.

To view a real-life CompactPCI Serial application using the cPCI S Video Frame Grabber, AVC-cPCIs, click here!

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