Situational Awareness in Mining Vehicles

Safety is paramount in mining – and visibility is limited because of blind spots all around the machines. The risk can be heightened by bad weather, large amounts of dust and dirt, or the dark. Situational Awareness in Mining Vehicles is crucial in providing a safe work-zone for mining operators. The system provides vehicle operators with 360-degree view improving the all-round vision of the operator. Operators can see where other vehicles are through a video display.

AVC-cPCIs compactpci serial video frame grabber

Situational Awareness System Details








The CompactPCI Serial AVC-cPCIs allows up to 8 composite NTSC/PAL cameras to be captured to system memory for video processing and display. The captured data can be displayed directly on the host system display giving vehicle operators immediate low latency visual information about their surroundings. The captured data can also be additionally processed by the host system using techniques such as object detection and tracking to sound alarms and further improve safety.

  • 8 Live NTSC/PAL video inputs
  • 8x D1 size capture at full frame rate
  • PCI VGA Display (if Video Preview to host is required)
  • Standard 3U CompactPCI Serial form factor
  • Low Power Operation
  • Drivers for Windows, Linux

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CompactPCI Serial Frame grabber


8x D1 Video Frame Grabber for CompactPCI Serial
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