Rapid Prototyping Service – Application

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What is the Rapid Prototyping Service?
Rapid Prototyping Service is unique to the industry. The service provides engineers the ability to produce a fully fitted appliance to be used as a demo and test bed. The Rapid Prototyping Service does what it “says on the box” (pun intended!). It’s meant to provide an engineer with a fully working appliance fitted with video recording and streaming application. The engineer is then able to take this appliance to their customer to demo and show feasibility.

How is it different from customized systems?
If the engineer were to build all this from scratch, they would have to search around the world for the cards they need, order them with different delivery times, integrate the system and get cards from different vendors working harmoniously, then learn the API software provided, then begin to write their demo application, debug the demo application, find a box to fit all the boards, then finally do their demo…Sounds like a lot of work!

Who is it for?
An engineer who wants to quickly put together a system for the purpose of the following:
– Proof of concept
– Building a demo to show capability to customer
– Needs to quickstart project by using an already integrated system

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