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Tiny886ULP Ultra Low Power PC/104+ Crusoe Computer

AMPs Tiny886ULP is an ultra low power Pentium-III class computer on a standard 3.6inx3.8in PC/104 footprint. The Tiny886ULP series are 100% compatible with MSDOS, Linux, Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP/CE and a wide range of RTOS such as QNX, VxWorks, pSOS, etc. The Tiny886ULP series feature ultra low power Crusoe processors which are x86 code compatible with computing performance similar to Pentium-III but much lower power consumption. In addition to standard peripheral controllers for disks, Keyboard and Mouse, and serial ports, the Tiny886ULP features Fast Ethernet Controller capable of operating at 10/100MBits/sec and an integrated graphics controller for driving CRT and a range of LCD panels. The built-in FlashDisk option provides Hard Disk emulation using M-Systems Disk-on-Chip (DOC). The Tiny886ULP provides unprecedented performance/power consumption ratio and reliability for embedded and wearable computer applications.


  • 100% PC-AT compatible
  • Crusoe TM5x00 processors to 1GHz
  • 128 - 512 MBytes SDRAM
  • 16MBytes - 1GByte DOC FlashDisk
  • Up to 6GBytes Compact Flash (on IDE)
  • Integrated Graphics Controller
  • 10/100MBit Ethernet
  • EIDE and USB ports
  • Ultra Low Power ACPI compliant
  • PC/104+ and PC/104 Expansion
  • Available in Extended Temperature
  • Standard 3.6in x 3.8in PC/104 form factor
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The Tiny886ULP is now classified as a legacy product. Please contact your local sales office for price and availability information.