Embedded World 2024

AMP will be showcasing the latest, exciting embedded video cards in Nuremberg at Embedded World 2024.

You’ll be able to view our products at Delta Components’ stand.

Delta Components (Hall 1 – Booth 338)

AMP’s latest H.264 Codecs, Format Converters, Frame Grabbers will be on display at Delta’s booth as well as an exciting live demo of our Rugged AI Inference Streaming Appliance, the HydraAI.


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Introducing: AMP’s Rugged AI Inference Streaming Appliance – HydraAI

AMP’s Hydra systems are developed to help customers to solve a particular application requirement. They are the culmination of the considerable experience AMP has in helping customers refine project specifications, advising on product selection, systems integration and application development. AMP Hydra solutions help shorten the product development cycle and allow the customer to take benefit of our experience.

The demonstration system for Embedded World 2024 is a Hydra configuration combining AMP’s JetStream AI Video platform and XStream-HD ultra-low latency dual channel HD-SDI streamer. This system demonstrates building rugged, complex, multi-input video systems with AI processing.

The combination of the JetStream and XStream-HD allows a multi channel, low latency video streaming system to be built that uses the AI engine of the JetStream to do intelligent edge processing of multiple video inputs.

Application Recipe

Border_hydraAIThis application combines the AI inference engine of the JetStream with the HD Video streaming of the XStream-HD.

The JetStream performs AI video analysis on video captured from ElectroOptical sensor (HD-SDI) and IR sensor (STANAG3350). Using mission specific AI models, the JetStream is used to detect specific objects or events in the video inputs. This data can then be used as triggers to control the streaming quality and clip recording of the XStream-HD – e.g. when an object of interest is detected the bitrate of the stream can be increased and a clip stored on attached storage. The JetStream AI detection information can also be sent as metadata to the XStream-HD where it is multiplexed into the video stream for later post-mission review. This combination of AI and video streaming results in an intelligent mission video streamer that focuses on the data required and provides efficient use of available bandwidth and storage.

HydraAI diagram

Building the HydraAI

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Products Used


AI video carrier board for NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX


Ultra Low Latency Standalone Dual HD-SDI Video Streamer


Quad slot miniPCIe carrier for PCIe/104


STANAG3350, RS343 to HDMI/DVI converter


Rugged Vehicle Baseboard for PCIe104 systems
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