High Definition Survey of Mining Assets

With increasing demand for mineral resources and pressure to exploit existing assets in more efficient ways, careful survey and data analysis of mines for safety and viability can yield huge gains.

A rugged 8-channel, high-definition video recording system, mounted on a UGV provides all round, detailed visual coverage. Such a recorder, built using 8 StreamCorder-HD-SDI modules is able to continuously record high definition video streams to per-channel local solid state storage. Once the survey system has been recovered the video data can be retrieved over Ethernet and analysed. The distributed nature of the storage, along with the overlap of the cameras, is a major advantage in providing data redundancy.


Figure 1 – Survey system


A separate real-time video feedback loop for remotely driving the UGV is implemented using a H264ULL-ENCODER/H264ULL-DECODER set.


Figure 2 – Driving System



System Details - Survey System

  • Eight independent HD-SDI channels.
  • Flexible control of encoding parameters, bitrate, quality, fps.
  • Individual solid state storage per channel for rugged redundancy.
  • Single Ethernet connection for data retrieval.

System Details - Driving System

  • Real time 4x full size live streams at full frame rate
  • End to end latency for driving system of <100ms when connected over Ethernet
  • Ultra-Low latency Hardware decoding to reduce CPU requirements.
  • Full size display of each stream allows accurate driving control.

Products Used


Standalone HD-SDI H.264 Video Recorder and Streamer


Ultra Low Latency Quad H.264 Encoder for PCI-104


Ultra Low Latency Quad H.264 Decoder for PCI-104
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