H264-cPCI8 – 8 Channel Video Codec for CompactPCI

In complex situations where real time, full-frame rate video and audio capture is required; where only powerful, flexible embedded video solutions will do, you can rely on the H264-cPCI8 from Advanced Micro Peripherals (AMP).

The H264-cPCI8 is an eight channel H.264 codec for CompactPCI systems and is capable of capturing and compressing up to eight analog video inputs at full size and full frame rate.

The high performance video data compression and ultra-efficient bus utilization allow multiple H264-cPCI8 cards to be fitted in a CompactPCI for multi-channel video recording and streaming.

In real time situations where image clarity is paramount, the H264-cPCI8 delivers outstanding results time after time.

The H264-cPCI8 is ideal for:

  • Law enforcement
  • Vehicle cameras
  • Asset monitoring
  • Remote video surveillance
  • Multi-camera situations
  • Traffic monitoring and control

AMP also provides free lifetime technical support for our hardware and software.

The H264-cPCI8 is fully supported by our software development kits and lifetime support from our embedded video experts.

Product features include:

  • 8 channels analog SD composite video inputs
  • Real-time 8x H.264 full frame rate, full size (4QCIF) encode
  • Multiple H264-cPCI8 boards per system
  • 3U CompactPCI form factor

For further information or help and assistance with customised applications, please contact our US sales team at sales@amp‑usa.com or, the UK team at sales@ampltd.com.