H264ULL-Decoder – Ultra Low Latency Quad H.264 Decoder

Introducing the H264ULL-Decoder, the industry-leading ultra-low latency four channel H.264 decoder from Advanced Micro Peripherals.

Powerful, versatile and uncompromisingly reliable, the H264ULL-Decoder is a quad channel H.264 decoder on a single PCI/104 form factor board and provides the optimum solution for the decompressing up to four H.264/MPEG AVC (Part 10) encoded streams to analog NTSC/ PAL composite displays.

The H264ULL-Decoder can be combined with a low power, fanless, CPU bringing multi- channel H.264 decoding to systems where power and rugged operation are paramount, even in the most demanding of environments

Designed to complement AMP’s existing range of ultra-low latency H.264 encoder cards the H264ULL-Decoder can be used as the receiving end of a rugged, ultra-low latency, H.264 streamer.

Partner it with the H264ULL-Encoder encoder for example and a combined multi-channel encode->stream->decode latency of less than a 100mS can be achieved.

The H264ULL-Decoder is ideal for use in stress situations like surveillance, remote vehicle platforms, UAV ground stations and situational awareness environments.

As with all AMPs world class products, the H264ULL-Decoder is fully supported by our comprehensive and intuitive Software Development Kit (SDK) designed to drastically reduce development time and is backed up with AMP’s free life-time technical support.

Product highlights include:

  • Real time 4x full size H.264 decode at full frame rate
  • Composite NTSC/PAL/RS-170 video output
  • H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (Part 10) decoder
  • Ultra Low Latency technology with a latency below 40ms
  • Up to four H264ULL-DECODER boards per system
  • Standard PCI-104 form factor
  • Drivers for WinXP-E and Linux

Suitable Applications for the H264ULL-Decoder include:

  • Remote moving platforms
  • Remotely guided vehicles
  • UAVs
  • Vehicle cameras
  • Remote video surveillance
  • Electronic news gathering
  • Multi-camera systems
  • Traffic monitoring and control
  • Solid-state digital video recorder

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