Advanced Micro Peripherals Introduces an Exciting, New Custom Video Solution: Cuts Development Time and Costs for Embedded Video Projects

Advanced Micro Peripherals (AMP), a world leader in the design and development of ultra-low latency, high throughput embedded video, introduced today an exciting new program called Rapid Synthesis Video Platform, or simply RSVP. With AMP’s new RSVP program, video systems developers gain a competitive edge while cutting their time to market and development costs. RSVP achieves this by making AMP’s world class video technology available as a set of off-the-shelf hardware and software components.

Using an online Application Profile, designers can simply tell AMP of their system requirements; the company responds with a hardware platform configured to handle all video, processing, storage, communications and any other I/O requirements. The platform is preloaded with one of AMP’s well-proven Recording and Streaming SDKs, together with a robust turnkey application and a customizable user interface.

AMP can rapidly configure, integrate, test and deliver such configurations, for a fixed price and delivery time. Typically, these solutions meet 80% of all streaming DVR applications without modification, allowing developers to concentrate entirely on adding value with application-specific software. The platforms provide full access to the capabilities of the AMP hardware and host OS. In cases where standard components are not enough, AMP can design new and unique functionality to fit application requirements. Their team can draw on thousands of man hours’ experience to rapidly customize and integrate the RSVP code base and video hardware into embedded Windows and Linux systems. AMP’s resources ensure that custom solutions are consistently delivered on time and within budget.

“The RSVP program arises from our long experience of our customers’ true needs” commented Lee Foss, CEO of Advanced Micro Peripherals, “Developing streaming DVR fundamentals can be technically demanding, and an unwelcome diversion for many vertical market companies. RSVP removes this burden, allowing our users to immediately focus on their own areas of expertise; adding market differentiation and revenue-generating potential directly to the platform that we deliver.”

Learn more information about the RSVP program.